Wednesday, September 15, 2010

First Day of School


So school has ended for today, and it is by far the easiest day of my entire teaching career thus far. Although I know I should not count my eggs before they hatch because this is only the beginning. The students were very nice and smiling at me like crazy. Apparently my skin color and hair are the most interesting things about me oh yes and the fact that I am the personfication of F O R E I G N!!

Things here are good. My allergies have finally relaxed and I feel much better. I suppose my body was rebelling against the beauty of this place...I am not sure, but I am glad it is over. I still feel incredibly lost in translation all the time. I hope I pick up on this language sooner rather than later. Like Candy says I do not know if there is enough phlem in the world to be able to speak it but I shall try! Hopefully I do not just end up drowning people in my spit!

I still do not have internet at home but as soon as I can get post will be more in depth and perhaps a little more interesting!

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