Thursday, September 2, 2010

A Series of Unfortunate Events that led to Kutaisi

It has truely been a whirlwind of surprises and unfortunate events on my road to Georgia! It did not stop with me leaving Nassau no no there had to be more upsets before I boarded my British Airways flight. My 1 checked bag ended up weighing 43 Kilos when we are only allowed 23 Kilos. I had to shed half of that weight with tears no less. I felt raped and robbed I have yet to go through my suitcase and see what survived!

The next event happened after a great flight to London. I had a long line before customs and then finally got to baggage claim and realized hey you're in terminal 5 and you need to get to terminal 1. I caught the train got to terminal 1 and guess what....BMI would not let me on the flight....I begged, explained, pleaded, cried nothing worked! I paniced first and then got into action. I tried calling TLG representatives but somehow it was either not enough pounds in the phone or I dunno so I had to get creative. I went upstairs carting all my luggage mind you and used the internet cafe...which was 1 pound per 10minutes. I got Jennifer Wood a fellow TLG teacher who is already stationed in Georgia and she called one of the leaders and they booked me a ticket from London to Istanbul and then on to Georgia!

I left Nassau on Tuesday and arrived here in Georgia on Thursday afternoon...this has been one serious set of days and I know it will be even more interesting. Through the entire way I just kept thanking God for keeping me safe. It is currently 11:23 pm and I need to get some rest because we have to be up at 9 am and jet lag is kicking my ass!

Until next time.


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