Thursday, October 21, 2010

Deda Chemi!! (My host mother)


Basically I think TLG has exceeded their resources and found me one of the best mother's in all of Georgia! I thought my first family was really amazing but 'kho deda' this one is beyond words.

Chemi deda is an amazing cook, she calls me her daughter and says I am just like her other children. Claudia comes over because she lives 5 minutes away, and yesterday she taught us how to make plmani (not sure if that is spelled correctly) but it is Georgian tortellini. We made one set with khortsit (meat) and one with khatchoti (which Georgians call cottage cheese but it is really Ricotta). They were amazing and I cannot wait to make them at home.

Today I came home from school and lunch was waiting, and it was cabbage leaves stuffed with meat and rice. I cannot describe in words the explosion of flavors which erupted in my mouth. Followed by this amazing meal came this 3 layered chocolate cake with white homemade icing and shaved chocolate on top that she made from scratch. She proceeded to tell Claudia and I that it was diet cake and we were safe to consume copious amounts. We didn't trust that because it was far too delicious to be diet cake.

Her cooking isn't the only reason she is amazing. She is the type of mother you read about in books that is so maternal, loving and self-sacrificing. Basically like my mother at home. I had no idea I would feel so at home in my second host family. I am so blessed!


  1. >how to make plmani

    Probably it was this -
    - the Russian dumplings

  2. Was the cheese made by mixing an acid with milk or rennet? The way I make cottage cheese is by adding an acid and separating the curd from the whey, the same way paneer is made. While ricotta, if I remember correctly, is made from the whey leftover from making mozzarella. Though there are tons of fresh farmer's cheeses that look all the same. Like Quark in Germany and Slovakia.