Monday, October 18, 2010

First Day of School Take 2!

Like a few others I got to re-live my first day in a new Georgian school, and it was even more amazing than the first time. At once I notice the difference between schools in the towns/villages to Tbilisi.

I work at school 191 which comprises of some 1,000 students! This blew my mind because I do not think there is any school this large in the Bahamas; especially none I have ever taught at. My Director was very amiable and so were my English teachers. Everyone on staff was very nice and welcoming.

My first class began with the 11th grade and they were so excited to see me. It was a really great class. Immediately I can tell that there English was much more advanced than the village students and I was very please. There eagerness to learn was also really exciting. I was asked a ton of questions about my life, my experiences, my country and basically everything that has happened to me thus far in Georgia. A few students offered to introduce themselves to me in front of the class and give me a brief biography of themselves as well. A very agreeable day.


  1. Nicole,

    You and other TLG folks are doing amazing job, please keep going on. The tree you are planting right now with your teaching will bear fruit after years, but trust me - it will be there.

    I see that you and others are coming with your own ways to teach and interact with students for the enjoyment of both parties. This is completely new as a concept in that Soviet based educational system which currently is broken beyond repair.

    The most important thing you are currently doing with your teaching is helping to rise and form a new generation which will have open minds, critical thinking and willingness to do something non-traditional way - something their fathers and grandfathers never did.

    You probably do not understand right now changes you are causing in the society - the Georgian blog entry you've commented on (I mean at is just one example. On that blog locals were discussing TLG folks blogs and their observations. So you are becoming newsmakers in the society.

    Again, thanks for great job and keep on going.

  2. Thank you so much for your amazing comment. I do agree with you I know that what we are doing is going to have a resounding affect for generations to come. I think I can speak for some if not all TLG Volunteers and say that we are so honoured to be apart of such a landmark event in this country's history.