Wednesday, September 15, 2010

First Day of School


So school has ended for today, and it is by far the easiest day of my entire teaching career thus far. Although I know I should not count my eggs before they hatch because this is only the beginning. The students were very nice and smiling at me like crazy. Apparently my skin color and hair are the most interesting things about me oh yes and the fact that I am the personfication of F O R E I G N!!

Things here are good. My allergies have finally relaxed and I feel much better. I suppose my body was rebelling against the beauty of this place...I am not sure, but I am glad it is over. I still feel incredibly lost in translation all the time. I hope I pick up on this language sooner rather than later. Like Candy says I do not know if there is enough phlem in the world to be able to speak it but I shall try! Hopefully I do not just end up drowning people in my spit!

I still do not have internet at home but as soon as I can get post will be more in depth and perhaps a little more interesting!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Kutaisi to Kharagauli

Garmajoba! (Hello)

So training ended yesterday and it was very emotional for me! However my host sister made it much easier as she is also the English Teacher in my town and speaks good English! The drive from Kutaisi was scenic and a measely hour! This place makes me feel like I am in the sound of music and it is so beautiful!!

Will post more when I have time!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

A Series of Unfortunate Events that led to Kutaisi

It has truely been a whirlwind of surprises and unfortunate events on my road to Georgia! It did not stop with me leaving Nassau no no there had to be more upsets before I boarded my British Airways flight. My 1 checked bag ended up weighing 43 Kilos when we are only allowed 23 Kilos. I had to shed half of that weight with tears no less. I felt raped and robbed I have yet to go through my suitcase and see what survived!

The next event happened after a great flight to London. I had a long line before customs and then finally got to baggage claim and realized hey you're in terminal 5 and you need to get to terminal 1. I caught the train got to terminal 1 and guess what....BMI would not let me on the flight....I begged, explained, pleaded, cried nothing worked! I paniced first and then got into action. I tried calling TLG representatives but somehow it was either not enough pounds in the phone or I dunno so I had to get creative. I went upstairs carting all my luggage mind you and used the internet cafe...which was 1 pound per 10minutes. I got Jennifer Wood a fellow TLG teacher who is already stationed in Georgia and she called one of the leaders and they booked me a ticket from London to Istanbul and then on to Georgia!

I left Nassau on Tuesday and arrived here in Georgia on Thursday afternoon...this has been one serious set of days and I know it will be even more interesting. Through the entire way I just kept thanking God for keeping me safe. It is currently 11:23 pm and I need to get some rest because we have to be up at 9 am and jet lag is kicking my ass!

Until next time.